Dexminer Finance
The Dexminer Finance
The growth in the amount of trading with cryptocurrencies and the recent appreciation of these virtual currencies in the financial markets demonstrate the potential that such technology has to attract attention in the global economy. The most striking feature of cryptocurrencies is the fact that they are created and managed without any state or banking intervention. The entire cryptocurrency market is underpinned by blockchain technology, a kind of "ledger" that records all transactions that have taken place since the creation of a particular currency. The system works like a "block chain" - hence the name - with each unit carrying information that cannot be tampered with. It is this technology, launched with Bitcoin 13 years ago, that prevents a cryptocurrency from being "copied" in the same way as other digital files, such as a photo or a text document. "Blockchain brings security to the market by ensuring that transactions are made with Bitcoins, and not a copy of the file"

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Dexminer $DXM is a decentralized Multi Chain Auto Staking and Auto Compounding DEFIN3.0 Protocol financial asset with rewards in $BUSD its investors and a fixed APY up to 596,247.10% .A sustainable fixed compound interest model through the use of its unique Rebase protocol.
Our team is composed of developers and programmers with years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, we have two owners of the DeFi community and additional supporters, with this we have developed in our contract an anti-dumping shield to protect your investments and bring sustainability to the financial protocol. For success, it is fundamental to have confidence in our investors.
Our main purpose is to maintain a sustainable model, making our investors economically profitable and providing confidence as well. Contract Official: 0xEb34cF8880b4f514a17D5cC64F356DfF4cE0aF02
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